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Jai Gobind

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My mission is to create a community of seers, healers and starseeds that hold together the frequency of unconditional love and light and who understand their own personal mission on this beautiful planet. As we heal so does the world. Sat Nam.

Whats Included

This enhanced community experience allows members of the Channel for Grace to gather, support each other, and get to know each other. Here is were we build our sacred space. 

This is also where Jai Gobind hosts all of her courses including the Moon Goddess Training and Aquarian Astrology Modules; the Starseed Membership as well as all FREE Events. Here you will also find information about her upcoming in person Sedona retreats and events! 

To register for any courses and to access all events, you will have to create an account. So see you in there and welcome to the Channel for Grace Global Community!

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Channel for Grace is held within the app called Mighty Networks. This amazing app will make accessing all FREE events and courses easier than EVER! So enter your number below to receive the link to the app on your phone and see you in there!